“Don’t Look In The Dark With Fear” is an introspective yet explorative album, emcompassing different styles and music eras to a unique blend and sound. At its roots a synthesized avant pop album, it ranges from kraut rock to ‘60s garage and borrows a picky touch of wave, dance, soul and funk elements. With so many styles, what really holds it together is the cold and slightly detached ambience that permeates all the songs. Heavily melancholic, sometimes epic and sometimes eerie and sinister, it’s a 11-tracks musical slide into the dark side, without losing a silly and charming touch. A clear departure from the previous Indie Rock Album “Transportation” and a return to the more electronic landscape and eclettic facet of “Reset To Find Another You”.

“Don’t Look In The Dark With Fear” will be released on Fictional Island as a digital release on 5. November 2014

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